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Why You Need Geoxies!

Fraud protection is a major issue for web site owners. Geoxies offers merchants the next generation of fraud detection and mitigation software. Geoxies is a sophisticated platform of proxy identification and client reputation security for online merchants that separates legitimate transactions from fraudulent ones. By stopping fraud with Geoxies, merchants will significantly reduce charge-backs and increase profit margins.

The volume of online fraud has trended upward in the past decade. In 2012, merchants in the United States and Canada lost $3.5 billion to fraud, according to the most recent 2013 study by online payment processor CyberSource. That's over 0.9% of domestic sales and 1.6% internationally.

The fraud risk to e-commerce merchants is higher than it is for brick and mortar merchants. Online purchasing can be done without a physical card in hand, and stolen credit and debit card numbers can be instantly sold across the world to countries where they are in high demand and where fraudulent purchasing is rampant.

How Does Geoxies Work?

The Geoxies platform identifies your users' REAL IP's even if they disguise or hide themselves behind the multiple elite/private proxy servers.

This sophisticated identification service is available directly at your web site - before costly transactions are initiated.

Geoxies identifies remote computers using noninvasive fingerprinting technology without collecting any PII (Personally Identifiable Information). We utilize big data techniques to identify and separate "trusted" customers from random users to speed transaction and minimize data search results. The result is more successful transactions with fewer resources.

  • • Geoxies can fingerprint fraudsters' computer without using HTTP cookie technology.
  • • Geoxies scores each proxy server using heuristic analysis and algorithms.
  • • Geoxies alerts your website's security model in real-time.

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Protect your e-business and online assets
Block private/elite proxy or anonymized users.
Minimize your charge-backs from e-commerce transactions.
Protect your innocent users from being suspected.
Identify anonymous bloggers.
Block scammers and fraudsters.
Identify child predators and pedophiles.
Prevent multiple logins and accounts.
Prevent deceptive information entering your user generated content.
Identify the intruders and much more.

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Who can benefit from Geoxies technology?

• E-commerce websites • Web analytic applications
• Financial institutions • Advertising Agencies
• Credit Card processors • Game websites
• Money remittance websites • Voting/Polling/Survey Systems
• Entertainment websites • Social networking websites
• Online community websites • Any one who wants to learn their users' TRUE IP's
• Dating and personal websites And many others...

The Ideal Solution:

  • Our product is scalable and we build plug-ins that are specific to your company's business needs
  • Advanced API which allows you to pull data as needed
  • Real-time post-back tool
  • We can do proxy scoring which allows to make your own business decisions to prevent fraud
  • Integrate with existing "merchant verification" systems

Device Fingerprinting Benefits:

  • It is unique to the device
  • Helps track the device on the internet
  • IP address independent
  • Eliminates spoofing (IP changes)
  • Non-invasiveness - the fingerprintee is unaware that the fingerprinting is being taken place
  • No hiding; it even works behind the private/elite proxies, anonymizers or firewall
  • It helps prevent innocent users from being suspected